Focusing on international projects and capital markets, we hold a strong capability to facilitate cross-border transactions. This distinction underscores our deep expertise, extensive experience, and proven track record in adeptly managing the complexities inherent in international investments and projects.

    Growth and Scale Up

  • Alternative Debt and Direct Lending Solutions: We offer innovative financing options tailored to your specific requirements, enabling your corporate goal with flexibility and agility.
  • M&A Targeting and Acquisition Financing for Buy & Build Strategies: Our expertise in M&A ensures that your expansion plans are met with comprehensive financial
  • Capital Market Financings through Corporate Bonds and Green Bonds: Access to the capital markets is vital for growth; we facilitate your journey to raise capital, including green financing options.

       Challenging Situations

    • Restructuring and Optimization of Business Models:
      When faced with challenges, we provide strategic guidance to optimize your business model and steer you toward a brighter future.
    • Distressed Financing (Debt & Equity): In times of distress, we offer financial lifelines to help you navigate through troubled waters and emerge stronger.

Real Estate

We are here to address your specific needs, whether you’re a project developer seeking financing or an asset manager looking to optimize your existing assets or portfolios.

      From a Project Development Perspective:

    • Acquisition Financings: We provide tailored financing solutions to facilitate project acquisitions.
    • Additional Financing Through Joint Ventures, Mezzanine, and Whole Loans: Our array of financing options, including joint ventures and mezzanine financing, helps you structure your capital efficiently.
    • Bridge Financing: Our bridge financing options bridge any delays in the development phase, ensuring your projects stay on track.

      For Asset Managers with Existing Assets or Portfolios:

    • Refinancing: We help you optimize your interest cost structure through strategic refinancing.

    • Top-Up Financing: If you need to release additional equity, our top-up financing solutions provide the necessary support.

Renewable Infrastructure

In the dynamic landscape of renewable infrastructure, the demand for agile and impactful strategies is undeniable. We do not only comprehend the growing urgency of this situation but are also fully equipped to deliver the financial solutions propelling the green revolution for the future.

Infrastructure & Portfolio Financing:

  • Project and Portfolio Financing: We offer tailored financing solutions across various segments of renewable infrastructure, including PV, wind, hydrogen, biogas, storage, and charging, as well as data centers.
  • Capital Structure Flexibility: Our expertise covers financing across the capital structure, ranging from senior debt to mezzanine financing and junior/equity tranches, enabling you to structure the right financial support for your projects.
  • As-a-Service and Operator Models: We possess profound expertise in „as-a-service“ and operator business models, allowing us to navigate the intricacies of these innovative approaches.

    For Green Tech Companies:

    • Growth and Scale-Up Financing: We provide financing solutions to support your growth and scale-up strategies, ensuring your green tech innovations reach their full potential.
    • Green Bond Issuances: We can assist in green bond issuances, allowing you to raise capital that aligns with your environmentally conscious objectives.