We advise and support medium-sized companies in financing, refinancing and raising additional liquidity. We are one of the best networked corporate finance boutiques in the German-speaking world, especially when it comes to obtaining financing for challenging and complex situations. Depending on the situation and the current challenge, a wide variety of financing instruments and modules can be considered:

  • Distressed Capital

    Even in special situations, there are out-of-court solutions that were not available on the market a few years ago. works with a large number of investors who are specialized in this sector and accompanies its clients in the crisis with detailed knowledge and empathy.

  • Equity offers its clients numerous equity-based opportunities, ranging from majority and minority investors (such as venture capital, private equity, family offices) to shareholder loans, silent participations or capital market and private placements.

  • Debt Capital assists in raising additional debt, both asset-based solutions and cash-flow based solutions are possible. Our service portfolio includes the provision of classic bank loans, bonds and bonded loans as well as individual mezzanine capital and subsidies.

  • Corporate Bonds structures and accompanies the bond issuing process of its clients together with its partners. From the first idea through the structuring and implementation to the closing of a SME bond, we are at your side.

  • Long Term Loan

  • Factoring designs individual factoring solutions for medium-sized companies. Our personal contacts with investors accelerate and simplify the decision-making process noticeably.

  • Finetrading

    When it comes to financing the purchase of goods or sales, can offer customized solutions.

  • Interim Management

    As part of its holistic approach, not only offers customized financing solutions and its extensive network of investors, but also management support when it comes to flanking new financing with interim management solutions.

  • Balance sheet optimization provides its clients with the complete range of balance sheet structure optimization. Be it improvements in working capital, rating optimization, reorganization of the liability side or the possibility of outsourcing pension provisions and strengthening the internal financing power of companies – we can map the entire spectrum.

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