Growth Financing

The initial situation:

Many medium-sized companies are “hidden champions” and have great sales and earnings potential due to their product innovations. But this usually requires growth capital in order to realize these possibilities. New capacities have to be created, liquidity and stock must be built up, staffing needs to be met and marketing must be right.

The difficulties:

Traditional commercial banks are often cautious in these situations, as every expansion carries risks. Even if a solution is found, care should be taken to ensure that as an entrepreneur you are not overly constrained by personal liability and strict covenants.

The solution:

Therefore, you need a partner who can realistically assess your growth potential as well as provide you with an investor that suits your project. The goal is to find investors who know and understand your industry. This will allow you to focus on your business expansion instead of constantly monitoring your financials. can advise you not only on the feasibility of your growth project, we can also provide you with a suitable investor. Depending on the phase in which your company is located, we have excellent connections to

  • Crowd investors
  • Direct lending or debt funds
  • Venture capital funds

We would be happy to examine how we can help you with your growth project – without obligation and free of charge.

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