Reorientation Financing

The initial situation:

Technological changes and increasing environmental demands mean that numerous industries will face disruptive changes in the near future. Both the legal framework and consumer behavior are the decisive factors for such a change. Legally, CO2 minimization and resource conservation are promoted. Consumers are also increasingly changing their usage behavior, be it on their own conviction or on the basis of government subsidies. The automotive and energy sectors are particularly affected.

The challenges:

Companies that operate in these sectors must therefore rethink early on and develop future strategies. New demand markets have to be identified, investments have to be made in research and development and the distribution has to be redesigned. Classic commercial banks are becoming increasingly restrained for such measures – especially in the upheaval sectors mentioned.

However, difficulties arise not only in the realignment of companies, but also in the search for traditional follow-up financing. If the core business is already under pressure, the scope for action on the financial market quickly disappears, which means that new solutions have to be found.

The solution: offers its clients timely risk analysis to ensure that alternative financing options are set up at an early stage. The focus is on strengthening the capital base through mezzanine opportunities or non-bank debt.

In addition, the market for national and international equity investors specializing in renewables is growing steadily. This creates additional opportunities for companies that count on future technologies.

We would be happy to examine how we can help you with the financing of the reorientation of your company – without obligation and free of charge.

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