Cecile Kilgus
Head of bestin.capital Germany

"Want to scale your business model?
With the right content and
sales power, you can achieve
your market breakthrough!"

Tim Becker
Managing Partner

"There are numerous innovative
ways to raise capital.
We will show you alternatives in the short term."

Karin Pühringer
Head of bestin.capital Vienna

"In difficult phases, time is a
crucial factor. With our
entrepreneurial experience, we are a
reliable partner in challenging

Axel Maucher

"We think the future is green. For us,
ESG is not just a slogan. We support
companies on their way to
sustainable orientation and help
green companies to expand."

Doris Hausbacher
Investment Associate

''We bring new approaches to the table,
to help companies find the most
most suitable investors for
their secured-future.''



bestin.capital is an international solution provider in the field of Corporate Finance & Business Development. Our working method encompasses a holistic approach that focuses on enhancing the value and future positioning of our clients.

How do we work?

  • We offer customized, structured financing solutions beyond traditional bank financing.
  • We structure and place capital market financings such as bonds, thereby enabling access to new capital providers.
  • With our deep industry understanding, we support companies operationally in entering new growth markets.
  • Thanks to our sales expertise, we offer not only the identification of new sales channels but also direct access to multipliers and cooperation partners.

With our dynamic team and our hands-on mentality, we solve short-term challenges in various industries. With our financing solutions, we provide time & capital to implement the change process and increase the value of companies.



Large and medium-sized companies in Europe are facing unique challenges and opportunities arising from the changes in various business models and industries. In this context, bestin.capital supports corporates primarily in the following areas:

In the growth phase of a company, effective scaling in sales and efficient use of capital plays a decisive role. We support companies in this phase:

  • Alternative debt & direct-lending financing: Innovative financing tailored to the specific needs of your business offers flexibility and agility to enable your growth objectives.
  • M&A targeting and acquisition financing for buy-and-build strategies: In addition to identify the suitable targets for your buy & build strategy, we also source and structure the leverage required for acquisition financing.
  • Capital market financing through corporate bonds and green bonds: Access to the capital markets is crucial for corporate growth. Our service includes structuring bonds and placing them with institutional investors to secure long-term growth financing.
  • B2B Lead Generation: Omnichannel sales support to acquire new customers from innovative target sectors.

Many business models are not sustainable without a disruptive upheaval or repositioning of the business model. In such situations, affected companies must be made fit for the future through a short-term realignment. The company's existing infrastructure can often serve as a competitive advantage in new sectors. We provide support with this:

  • Development of an individual business concept,which gives the company sustainable access to promising sectors.
  • Manpower: Our broad network of interim partners provides an experienced expert who can provide operational support and management activities for almost any area of application.
  • Capital for Change: Our distressed financing solutions include both debt and equity solutions to provide you with short-term liquidity and enable you to finance your transformation.


The renewable energy market has long been established and is characterized by up-and-coming companies and innovative business models. In this dynamic environment, new financing opportunities for companies and projects are constantly emerging. By working closely with companies and investors, we structure state-of-the-art financing solutions and support established and new business models in the renewable energy sector.

  • Project and portfolio financing We offer customized financing solutions for various areas of renewable infrastructure. These include photovoltaics, wind energy, hydrogen, biogas, storage, and charging technologies for electric vehicles and data centers. Our expertise covers the entire capital structure - from senior financing and mezzanine financing for the portfolio portfolio to junior and equity tranches for portfolio development. This enables us to find and structure the right financial support for your projects.
  • Energy-as-a-Service and operator models: Our in-depth expertise in the areas of "as-a-service" and operator business models enables us to place complex structured financing for sustainable projects.
  • Growth and scale-up financing: Our offer includes financing solutions that are specifically designed to support your growth and scaling strategies. These can often be combined with infrastructure solutions to create attractive as-a-service business models with recurring revenues.
  • Green Bond Issuances: We specialize in the structuring and placement of green bonds. These green bonds offer the opportunity to finance sustainable projects or portfolios through their audited use of funds.


In the real estate sector, we are facing unique challenges due to interest rate policy and a significant shift towards a sustainable real estate industry. To meet these challenges, we offer innovative solutions that take global trends into account and are tailored to the needs of market participants. Our services are specifically designed to enable project developers and asset managers to deploy their equity as efficiently as possible.

  • Acquisition financing: For companies looking to acquire projects, we offer customized financing solutions. These are designed to facilitate the acquisition of projects and meet your specific requirements.
  • Additional liquidity through joint ventures, mezzanine and whole loans: With our broad range of financing options, we support project developers in closing the gap between senior financing and equity. We offer a wide range of alternatives, from genuine equity investments and joint ventures to combinations of senior and mezzanine financing in the form of a whole loan.
  • Identifying new sales opportunities: Forward funding and forward sales are in sharp decline in the EU. We open up international sales and financing opportunities for project developers with international accounts in the institutional segment.
  • Bridge financing: Our interim financing solutions provide important support to bridge delays in the development phase of your projects. This enables us to ensure that your projects can be continued without unnecessary interruptions and completed on time.
  • Refinancing: We support you in optimizing your interest cost structure by identifying refinancing options. This measure can help to increase your company's financial flexibility.
  • Top-up Financing: Top-up financing solutions offer the potential to release tied-up equity and optimize leverage in the portfolio. If you would like to expand your financial scope without diluting existing shareholdings, we can provide you with targeted support.




As dynamic and well-connected entrepreneurs, we tackle current challenges that businesses face. With experience across various industries, we offer innovative and value-enhancing solutions for Corporate Finance & Business Development.


As a corporate finance & development platform, bestin.capital offers a wide range of services for companies in various phases. As a bestin partner, you can use this to your advantage and leverage your expertise. Our partner program is aimed at dynamic and well-connected entrepreneurs who want to use bestin.capital as an enabler for innovative, value-enhancing solutions.

Your benefits:

  • Attractive remuneration model
  • You have the opportunity to leverage your network and create synergies
  • Work from home, remote or in one of our offices
  • A state-of-the-art CRM & sales intelligence tool for digital work processes
  • A highly qualified team of structuring and financing experts with offices in Frankfurt, Salzburg, and Vienna.
  • Regular webinars, face-to-face meetings and events for our top partners